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We are often asked about how the Case Research Journal is ranked. However, journal rankings are typically based on citations of articles, which does not apply to teaching cases. These rankings are a proxy for the impact of the articles. For cases, we can assess impact from the distribution reach of the journal and the adoption of cases for classroom use. To our knowledge, the CRJ has the broadest distribution of any peer-reviewed case journal. See the listing of distributors for a list of our distributors, including the market leader Harvard Business Publishing, where the CRJ is currently the only peer-reviewed case journal included in its database. In 2014, there were over 36,000 adoptions of CRJ cases through our distribution partners. NACRA members who have published cases in the CRJ are provided with information about the number of adoptions of their specific cases along with their annual royalty statements.

We are not aware of any rankings of case journals. Anecdotally, the CRJ is considered the premier case journal, but we have no objective measure to support that. Factors contributing to its reputation likely include its longevity (published since 1980) and rigorous double blind peer review process of both cases and instructor’s manuals (10-15% acceptance rate).

The CRJ is listed in Cabell’s Directory for multiple disciplines. Its ISSN number is 2328-5095.

The following documents may be useful for faculty seeking to establish the credibility of their case research.

Harvard University Professor Michael Porter’s speech to NACRA accepting its Distinguished Contributor Award. Excerpt published in the CRJ, 2006.

Letter from NACRA Past President Jeff Shay to Deans and Department Heads.

In a recent issue of the Academy of Management’s Learning and Education Journal (AMLE), an article provided ranking of journals with the content domain of management education based on reputation with active scholars. The Case Research Journal was ranked #10, with a “B+” rating. None of the nine journals ranked above the CRJ are case journals, and other case journals on the list were ranked lower. We therefore see this article as objective support for our perception of the CRJ as the premier case journal. Reference: Currie, Russell R. & Pandher, Gurupdesh (2013), “Management Education Journals’ Rank and Tier by Active Scholars,” Academy of Management Learning & Education, Vol. 12, No. 2, 194-218.

Your ideas for how to further establish and communicate CRJ’s reputation are welcome, and should be addressed to the current editor or any NACRA board member. LINK to list of officers.

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